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Lawn Girl's Healthy Lawn for Life Program

Although we are always happy to stop by and say hello, we offer three levels of service to best fit your property’s needs year round?

Seven isn’t just a lucky number – it’s a great baseline of treatments to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful year round. Going green has never looked so good! Starting with an early spring green up treatment and ending in the late fall with our Bedtime Dormancy preparation, we perform five targeted treatments specifically timed to optimize your lawn’s appearance. Add in our two innovative feedings of live microbials to improve root structure, turf vigor and soil health and you get our exclusive approach to sensible lawn care – at a price that makes you feel lucky, too!

Our Health Plus Program

A landscape is a living, breathing ecosystem and no two lawns are the same. Particularly in the dog days of summer when conditions are ripe for disease and your turf is stressed, some lawns need extra support – don’t worry, we can help you with that, too! You can order our Health Plus treatments a la carte. Our team is not pushy and there are no sales calls or pressure to commit to unnecessary services. These treatments are recommended on an as needed basis and never administered without permission.

Let It Breathe

Aeration can be a critical part of a lawn health program. Giving roots room to grow and establish promotes turf health and can keep your lawn strong, healthy and green for years to come. You’ll be amazed at what a little breathing room can do!

Watch It Grow

Reseeding is a vital part of maintaining a healthy lawn. By planting grass varieties that can stand up to your lawn’s challenges, you can prevent pest problems, disease, and water issues and create an overall healthy landscape. Fall’s moderate temperatures are the perfect time to consider reseeding. Our experts can identify your lawn’s weaknesses, match you with a grass that can stand up to them – and you’re off!


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