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At Lawn Girl, we understand your desire for a beautiful property that doesn’t compromise the safety of your family. With a focus on responsibility and education, our team works to promote the health of your lawn and plants with an organic approach that uses 90% less pesticides then a standard chemical regimen. Instead of depriving your plants of the nutrients they need to thrive, our program focuses on the overall health of your soil which not only creates a more beautiful landscape but protects your family and the environment from the potentially adverse effects of chemical use. 

Our targeted treatment program is not only efficacious – it is cost efficient. Beyond blanket treatment, our fully trained staff is able to identify problem areas on your property and focus our treatment – we don’t bleed your lawn of nutrients, we feed it with rich organic materials. Walk your dogs, play with your children, go barefoot and feel the grass between your toes – enjoy your lawn without fear, trepidation, or hesitation! You have a beautiful home, you can have a beautiful lawn and feel good about how you care for it


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